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Software Solutions to Enable Growth Cara Clinicals, Inc. offers Uniek EMR, a proprietary web-based correctional medical records system delivering all aspects of correctional medical practice management, making inmate care more effective and efficient. Uniek EMR seamlessly converts paper records to EMR, manages the clinical operations of correctional facilities, and provides dynamic digital storage of inmate health charts with robust functionality to track inmate’s demographics, history, test results, and much more….

As a leading provider of correctional EMR and cutting-edge IT solutions for correctional medical practice management facilities, Cara Clinicals, Inc. provides return on investment to clients via low cost, high quality reliable software solutions, innovations, implementation, and extended support for exceptional patient care.
In addition to offering robust software solutions for healthcare, Cara Clinicals, Inc. functions as an excellent business architect to customers. Cara Clinicals, Inc. welcomes you to join our family as a customer, distributor, and a game changer of the healthcare industry.