Uniek EMR empowers agencies to effective address their administrative, clinical, financial, and regulatory needs. Uniek EMR offers intuitive integration with Jail Management System, which increases point of care and simplify office administration. It also helps to keep agencies’ compliance with new standards by providing regular updates.

Appointment Calendar

  1. Flexibility to schedule appointments for Sick & PREA calls, MAR, TAR and many more
  2. Facility to customize appointment reasons
  3. Appointment History and reports related to it
  4. Facility to filter appointment based on parameters. E.g. user, day, type


  1. Facility to record vital detail during inmate’s primary medical/mental/dental assessments
  2. Facility to customize assessment forms as per facility’s need or specific requirements

Automated Functionality

  1. Disease Management
  2. Generation of action list
  3. Automatic order of pill and its return
  4. Automated lab, medication, procedure and entry of referral through order set

Clinical Data Record

  1. Encounter for every visit
  2. Encounter for every Sick call and PREA call
  3. Rapid data observation and modification for encounter summary (Update possible)
  4. Customized forms for Diagnosis Protocol, assessments and physical examinations
  5. Instant record of currently active medications, problems and allergy list


The built-in customization features provides amazing customizations capabilities which includes:
  1. Opening of default page
  2. Flexibility to set security rights at group level and user level
  3. Disease Management
  4. Disease and related procedure management
  5. Templates for prescription
  6. Laboratory test orders
  7. Assessment and Re-assessment due consideration
  8. System actions, notifications and alerts
  9. Vitals value and colour
  10. Order Set
  11. Assessment forms, review of systems, disease protocol forms
  12. Inmate List: watch list and suicide list

Discharge/Transfer Summary

  1. Discharge summary (on Inmate’s transfer or release) provides complete medical record during his tenure at facility

Electronic Chart/Inmate Chart

Automate Health Records of inmate into an amalgamated View!
  1. Pending services
  2. Problem list, medical history, medication
  3. Medical History, Inmate encounters
  4. Assessment, sick calls, PREA calls
  5. Lab test orders, doctor notes and treatment plan
  6. Vital, immunization, allergies, health maintenance alerts
  7. Phone medication, progress note, segregation note
  8. Internal and external appointment
  9. Referral, discharge and documents
  10. Facility to open for more than one inmate
  11. Modification from inmate’s chart itself
  12. Facility to add, modify record with user name
  13. Facility to have complete medical record on one page

Image and Document Management

Objective is to avoid paper based chart, redundant & error prone data entry with image storage.
  1. Capability to document anatomical drawings
  2. Inmate’s photographs for identification purpose
  3. Support for attachment of X-Ray and other images
  4. Store images in its original format, can view from different modules.

Immunization and Vaccines

  1. Record details of immunization and vaccines related to inmate
  2. Facility to setting due time for each immunization
  3. Alerts in case of delays for immunization

Inmate Registration

With its distinctive inmate registry functionality, Uniek EMR eases out the process of maintaining and managing inmate’s datInmate registration module comprise of
  1. Inmate’s demographics
  2. Detail of inmate’s tenure at facility
  3. Insurance details
  4. History details
  5. Manage record - cause of death (in the event of mortality)
  6. Locking of inmate’s functionality
  7. Inmate information from Jail Management System

Inmate’s Tracking and Integration with Jail Management System

  1. Bi-Directional integration with Jail Management System
  2. Integration with Inmate Portal
  3. Record Management for: discharged or temporary discharged inmates

Inventory Management

  • Drug inventory management
  • Equipment inventory management
  • Narcotic inventory management

IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Our unique IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system automates interaction with telephone callers. It allows you to record every outgoing call from inmate automatically.
IVR’s integration with Uniek EMR provides auto alerts, reminder notification with every call. While, auto notification feature is specially designed for Sick and PREA call recording.
Action List: To indicate all actions against every call with status indication for pending, completed and closed tasks.
With Uniek IVR system you can record:
  1. Sick calls, PREA calls, Grievance calls
  2. Commissary by phone calls
With Uniek IVR system you can:
  1. Reduce your cost
  2. Better return on investment
  3. Delight your customer with improved efficiency
  4. Have facility to integrate IVR with other software

Lab Order and Results

  1. Record lab requisition data
  2. Facilitate doctor to assign orders to nurses and assistant through task manager tool
  3. Competence to record each parameter related order and facility to take print of requisition
  4. Facilitate to scan results and help to maintain it in specific order
  5. Facilitate user to enter lab results manually

MAR - Medical Administration Record

Medical Administration Record to ensure rights:
  1. Right medication, right dose, right time, right route, right inmate, right documentation, right evaluation, and right assessment
  2. Run time checking of medical allergies, dosages, side effects and drug interactions
  3. Support for PRN medical administration record
  4. Facilitated with biometric system for the identification of inmate and medication
  5. Physician notification on right refusal by inmate
  6. Comprehensive report for given and not given medication (with reason of refusal)

Medical Billing

  1. Automatic super bill generation based on payment
  2. Option to charge customized charges to inmate for every CPT
  3. Functionality to add CPT and ICD-9 codes with fees in super bills


  1. Facilitate doctor to order medications and generate prescription
  2. Having comprehensive database related to medication
  3. Facility to specify quantity, doses, refills and related other information for treatment
  4. Support for PRN medications
  5. Pop-up alerts: Drug allergy contradiction based on medication list and medical allergy list
  6. Manage inmate’s active medication list as well medication history for longitudinal care. (I.e. over multiple office visits)
  7. Phone based medication: In case of doctor’s absence, user can take the order of medicines for inmate over the phone and manage the prescription details

Notification and Alerts

  1. Auto generated notification based on configured for MAR and TAR
  2. Option to configure IVR notifications
  3. Configurability for customizable notification and alerts based on different condition
  4. Alerts for internal and external appointments
  5. Alerts for task assignment and pending tasks
  6. Intra Messaging and Notifications: Functionality for intra communication between users. Users can send messages internally and also to external entities at respective E-mail addresses. Notifications can also be sent to different users through configurations utility.

Nurse Call

  1. Facilitate the users (Nurse or Medical assistant) to identify sick calls and PREA calls refereed to them
  2. Help to capture primary medical information for assessment
  3. Refer the inmate to doctor and also facilitate to create appointments

Pill Cart Auditing

  1. Monitor and track the total number of pills administered during the period
  2. Tracking of inventory of medicines for a cart

Privilege Management

  1. Record privilege precisely for each inmate
  2. Facility to retrieve privilege from Jail Management System (Only if integrated)

Progress Notes

  1. Progress Notes: to record treatments given to inmate, to record vital sign and notes at multiple times during a day
  2. Segregate progress note: For inmate having critical conditions

Report Management

  1. Management Reports for better decision making includes inmate populations based on inmate calls, treatment plans, assessments, appointments, immunization, TB screening, MAR, vital signs, inmate with disease, inmate with medication, inmate billing and monthly char for MAR
  2. Enable user to search, select, sort, retrieve and output a list of inmate and his clinical information based on user-defined demographic data, medication list, and specific conditions. Generate lists of inmate specific conditions to sue for quality improvement, reduction of disparities and outreach
  3. Drill down functionality to view inmate details
  4. Customizable inmate encounter and inmate registration reports
  5. Facility to export data in excel, word, tiff, csv and jpeg format
  6. Reports with colour coding for out boundary results

Sick Call

  1. Entry and tracking of sick call and facility for generating appointments real time
  2. Facility to generate call for specific user or different group of users
  3. Auto generated sick call notification for IVR based calls

TAR - Treatment Administration Records

  1. Integrated with biometric system to identify inmate and treatment related to him
  2. Can record treatment plans and administration of treatments
  3. Automated generated notification before specified time for treatment run
  4. Advance alert for scheduled treatment run
  5. Auto generated notification for missed treatment plan
  6. Comprehensive report for performed and not performed treatment (with reason of refusal)

Task Management

  1. Manage assigned task to the users in facility
  2. Tracking and alert of tasks that missed its deadline
  3. Ideal of progress of overall task (User level & group level)
  4. Notification & alert to the concerned user regarding their task

TB Screening

  1. Competence to customize TB screening forms
  2. Targeted Testing and the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection and tuberculosis disease
  3. Supported for TB control strategy
    1. To identify persons at high risk for latent TB infection
    2. To identify persons at high risk

Treatment Management

  1. Diet Management: To plan meal plan for inmates
  2. Care Plan Management: Manage care plan for each inmate and inform regarding pending care plan

Vital Signs

  1. Manage inmate’s vital sign: height, weight, blood pressure, temperature & pulse etc...
  2. Automatic calculation of Body Mass Index
  3. Plot growth chart upon request based on vital sign’s parameter
  4. Facility to set value of vital sign’s parameter for comparison