• About Uniek EMR

    Uniek EMR - The Correctional Medical Records System

    Uniek EMR is a web-based correctional medical records system delivering all aspects of comprehensive solutions in correctional medical practice management, making inmate care more effective and efficient. Uniek EMR manages the clinical operations of correctional facilities and provides dynamic digital storage of inmate health charts with robust functionality to track inmate’s demographics, history, test results, and much more….
    Uniek EMR - Correctional Electronic Medical Record System for Jails by Cara Clinicals Inc.
    Uniek EMR is a leader in introducing innovative features, real-time workflow and the latest technology. Uniek EMR tracks every activity related to an inmate’s healthcare and billing while streamlining complex workflow. The result is improved practical efficiency and easy access to inmate health records via user-friendly, dynamic and intuitive feature/functionality.
    In addition, Uniek EMR’s deployment options provide flexibility to meet the demands of multiple facilities’ and multiple agencies’ (data sharing) requirements. Uniek EMR’s fingerprint technology puts an inmate’s medical record at your fingertips, in real-time and in powerful ways.
    Extensive Scope of Automation
    1. Automated Inmate Billing, & Medical Billing
    2. Automated Insurance Checking with 400+ Insurance Companies
    3. Computerized Inventory Management through Barcodes
    4. MAR & TAR Automation: RFID, Barcode Scanner, & Hand-held Devices to Identify Fingerprint and Digital Signature
    5. Paperless Assessment: For Mental, Dental & Medical Records
    6. Paperless Medication: Order, Receipt and Return
    7. Provision to Support Digital X-Ray
    8. Wired, Wireless and Disconnected-Mode Functionality
    Product Highlights
    1. Excellent Reporting Features
    2. Facility to Integrate with Jail Management System (Unidirectional or Bidirectional)
    3. Full Suite of Integrated Modules
    4. Integrated IVR Solution
    5. Real-Time MAR & TAR Management
    6. Real-Time Medicine Tracking
    7. Role-Based EMR to Ease the Workflow
    8. Web-based System
  • Benefits

    Why Uniek EMR

    Boosts Productivity with Quality

    1. Access precise information via your fingertips.
    2. Automated features to improve level of productivity throughout corrections healthcare demands.
    3. Improve accountability and reporting.
    4. Increase employee productivity while also reducing costs of new hires and training.

    Deliver Better Care to Inmate

    1. Integration with IVR system, provision of instant calls, and integration with Jail Management System makes Uniek EMR more impactful.
    2. Quickly access Inmate’s detail, and history and charts as useful decision-making tools for inmate’s care.
    3. Secure, web-based system allows access to inmate’s medical details from anywhere to anyone.

    Enhances Documents & Reports

    1. Improve Records Management by reducing the expense associated with unnecessarily repeating studies on inmate’s medical record.
    2. Maintain and easily access records as an inmate moves from one facility to another facility.

    Meet with Regulations and Dependence

    1. Database is the backbone of Uniek EMR with industry standard enterprise solutions.
    2. Fully complies with HIPAA regulations to protect electronic patient information.
    3. Offer the best technologies to ensure dependable and long-term corrections EMR.

    More Revenue Generation

    1. Paper records are maintained electronically and can be accessed from anywhere.
    2. Reduce overhead while improving insurance reimbursements and billing procedures.
    3. Reduce the cost of labor while improving access to records and histories.


    1. Lowest in the industry with a typical saving of 50-70% over nearest competitor.
    2. Unique and affordable pricing scaled to your budget.

    Uniqueness of Uniek EMR

    1. Easy to Install and Customize: Takes less than 2 minutes to complete the entire installation process without affecting your computer files or registry. Amazing customization is provided by built-in customization tool at no additional cost. It is also configured to set security and workflow in just minutes for individuals or groups.
    2. Easy to Learn & Use: Be proficient in a matter of a few hours. Latest technology and intuitive interface design makes it self-explanatory and user-friendly.
    3. Easy to Maintain: Requires a server within the facility. Rice user interface, facility of access rights and authorized user log, accessible from any access point and simple to maintain.
  • Features

    Uniek EMR Features

  • Technology

    Uniek EMR – Technologies

    Microsoft Technologies
    Uniek EMR’s platform is web-based and developed exclusively using object oriented concepts. A facility & inmate-centric application using state-of-the-art software development technologies such as Silverlight 5.0, and Window Communication Foundation.
    Single Data Foundation
    The foundation of Uniek EMR is its SQL Server Database. The single database supports one common inmate data repository amongst all applications and flexible customization of features and functions compared to other comprehensive solutions.
    Uniek EMR is also accessible via Android Application to put an inmate’s data at your fingertips. Uniek EMR features supported by Android 4.0 (Ice-cream Sandwich) are inmate search, TAR, MAR, TB TEST, and much more.

    Hardware & Software Requirements

    Uniek EMR has a small footprint and low memory overhead. The system has been optimized to deliver high performance with comparatively low resource requirements.
    Server Requirements
    1. Processor: 3 GHZ, Hard Disk: 200 GB, 2-4 hard drives, either mirrored or Raid 5
    2. Memory: 8 GB or better, Network Speed: Min 100 mbps
    3. Operating System: Microsoft Window Server 2008/2012 with all service pack
    4. Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012, MS SQL
    Client Configuration
    1. Processor: 1.8 GHZ, Hard Disk: 10 GB
    2. Memory: 1 GB or better, Network Speed: Min 100 mbps
    3. Browser Support: Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser version 6.0 to 8.0 with additional plug-ins.